‘Together 2016’ on National Mall Saturday July 16th

More than one million people are expected on the National Mall on July 16th for Together 2016. The event brings people together for a day of unified prayer and worship. Evangelist Nick Hall, founder of PULSE, issued the call earlier this year, rallying hundreds of churches, ministries and organizations to unite on one day.

Together 2016 is free to the public and will feature an A-list line-up of more than 40 speakers, pastors, artists, and leaders from various backgrounds for a day of unified prayer and worship. A prayer and evangelism movement, PULSE is leading the charge to mobilize people to gather at Together 2016, linking arms with a broad coalition of partners to make this a massive event.

“Our dream is for one million people from all backgrounds to be part of this historic day, standing together for Jesus on the National Mall,” said Hall. “We wanted to plan something that we couldn’t possibly do on our own—something that requires the Church to come together in unison.”

Hall has been sharing the message of “reset” at PULSE events all over the world for the last four years. Reset is a term that has been resonating with young people because it represents the clearing of past errors, as with various electronic devices; a reset gets the system working toward its created purpose. Together 2016 aims to deliver that message on a much larger scale, bringing people together from across the nation in the country’s capitol to pray for a national reset.




Founded by Nick Hall in 2006, PULSE is a prayer and evangelism movement on mission to awaken culture to the reality of Jesus. Since PULSE’s founding, we have linked arms with hundreds of ministries and churches around the world to fuel evangelistic movements. Whether hosting a big outreach event or providing the evangelistic voice at another organization’s event, whether training evangelists on American college campuses or overseas in Africa, the common goal of everything we do is to share the hope of Jesus. Learn more at PulseMovement.com.