Leading Marketing & Branding Agency Thinkzilla, helps ministry leaders grow their organizations across the US

    Ministry Marketing Systems Will Serve As Future Model For All Churches And Non-Profits Wishing To Grow

    For Immediate Release – Leading Public Relations, branding and marketing agency headquartered in Houston, Texas, better known for high growth impact results for clients has revealed a shift in its core business focus to helping ministries prosper.

    Headed up by published author/branding expert and accomplished marketing consultant Velma Trayham, ThinkZILLA has begun working with church leaders and faith-based organizations all across the world.

    The company’s social mission to help churches engage more authentically and effectively with its communities and stimulate long-term growth is a core component of its rebrand identity.

    “I realized that what churches were missing was a bridge between the faith and non-faith worlds, an organization that straddles both worlds and understands both worlds. Even more so I’m passionate about doing God’s work, and being an Ambassador for Christ is the main driver for building our clients’ brands with God’s directions.”

    “I see too many churches overwhelmed with how they operate, how to market themselves or communicate meaningfully with their congregations. And I hear the same problems over again from church leaders, too little time, too little experience in marketing and no-one who can give them the outcomes they’re seeking.”

    The rebrand was built upon ThinkZILLA previous success of growing a church from 300 members to just over 5000 in less than three years and securing several hours of television interviews and press for its pastor.

    “It’s also about giving ministries the tools to deal with both positive and sometimes negative press in the fast-paced digital environment.”

    The rebrand also includes a new website with a streamlined front-end design and fresh content for target audiences (www.itsthinkzilla.com).

    The ThinkZILLA Faith Marketing Program has been in development for several months and promises to elevate ministries and non-profits to greater prosperity via a choice of marketing systems and a step-by-step program. The purpose and advantage of the program is to reassure clients they can dip their toe in the water of marketing without going broke while trying to maintain and grow.

    Ms Trayham states: “I created the ThinkZILLA Faith Marketing Program as a way of taking unique and innovative growth strategies and simplifying them into easy-to-execute packages. All with the main purpose of ministries enjoying long-term engagement with its congregants, forming meaningful relationships and the church impacting positively on people’s lives in a sustainable manner.”

    In fact, Ms Trayham’s passion to bring change to faith marketing started just a few years ago when she realized that her deep skillset in entertainment PR and marketing could be transferred to the ministry. She realized that for too long churches were chasing the same people using the same messaging and the same ineffective techniques.

    Successfully creating marketing solutions for CEO’S, Super bowl Initiatives and large scale secular platforms made Ms. Trayham aware of the pitfalls of tired marketing practices being offered by most faith marketing agencies and subsequently sparked in her the need to bring about change.

    This proposition of acting as a bridge between the faith and non-faith worlds reflects the company’s policy of working equally with smaller community churches and large super congregations.

    Not limited to just Houston, the company’s reach and contacts extend across the States with a sister office in Atlanta and Beverly Hills, Ca.

    In keeping with the hands-on style of Think Zilla’s niche service, Ms. Trayham thinks nothing of jumping on a plane to meet and consult with clients, as she believes it’s the only way to truly get to know them and discuss shared values and expectations. Because of this, the company’s success rate is unusually high as they only ever create growth strategies in close conjunction with clients.

    “I believe in professionalism and hard work with a large pinch of humanity and understanding,” states Ms. Trayham.


    For further information please contact ThinkZILLA office at: (888)509-1145]
    [E-mail: info@itsthinkzilla.com] [http://www.itsthinkzilla.com]

    Notes to editors:
    – Velma Trayham, founder of ThinkZILLA is available for media interviews.
    – Official launch Date: 05/01/ 2017.
    – Velma Trayham has many years of success in PR, marketing and branding within the entertainment, corporate, and ministry sectors.