Pastor Shirley Caesar Sues DJ Suede

ATLANTA (CBS46) – Caesar’s legal team said they filed a contempt order against Keenan Webb, also known as DJ Suede, Jullian Boothe and Empire Distribution after they failed to take the video down.

The legal team representing Boothe, Webb and Empire distribution acknowledged they didn’t have the rights to Caesar’s image in creating the video, her lawyer said on Friday.

EARLIER: Shirley Caesar, now perhaps most widely known for a 2010 sermon that sparked the “U Name It Challenge”, is suing over what her attorney said is an unauthorized use of her sermon and song.

Caesar, a Grammy-award winning gospel artist and preacher, says the video in question was posted by Gwinnett County’s DJ Suede, née Keenan Webb, in November, after the so-called #UNameItChallenge went viral.

Her legal team is alleging the video is worth more than $5 million in losses.