Pastor Jonathan Allen, Sr. reveals how to “Release and Receive”

Inspirational Leader’s New Book Maps Gateway To Powerful Transformation Through The Example Of Biblical Figure

Pastor Jonathan W. Allen Sr. of Maryland’s Allen Ministries has authored the new book “Release To Receive,” (Click Here to Buy)  from Xulon Press. An essential tool of inspiration, “Release To Receive” is an in-depth meditation on the story of Hannah, whose demonstration of profound faith forms the gateway to powerful transformation for all – regardless of their past or present challenges in life. Says Pastor Allen, “I believe that this book is a start of a movement of deliverance and breakthroughs for the Glory of God.”

Inspired by a sermon he gave at his (home) church in Washington, D.C., author Pastor Allen shares the story of Hannah, a woman looked down upon in her community for her inability to bear her husband a child. How Hannah overcame her situation forms the scriptural wisdom Pastor Allen uses to show readers how to examine the hurts, hang-ups, and habits that we all carry. It is our attitudes, assumptions and actions that regularly block us from the blessings that God has in store for us.

“Hannah was dealing with frustration, bitterness, anger, and resentment, but as soon as she went to the altar and released the things from her past, she was able to receive her miracle, her son Samuel,” says Allen. “So many people are not able to receive the miracles that God has in store for them because they are holding on to their past. Everyone needs to release something from their past that is affecting their future.”

Using step-by-step analysis of Hannah’s Biblical journey, “Release To Receive” shines new light on the powerful lessons available in her story. The second half of the book, titled “30 Days Of Affirmation,” is an interactive workbook where readers can reflect on specific scripture and journal their way to the breakthroughs God wants for us all. “Many times in life we read a portion of a book, set it down, and not make the necessary changes it suggests. The 30 Days of Affirmation will help many to release what has been haunting them and receive a new start,” says Allen.

Pastor Jonathan W. Allen Sr., a native of Washington, D.C., is a graduate of Nyack College and is currently pursuing his graduate degree from Virginia Union University. He and his wife of 32 years, Pastor Kim Allen, are the founders of Allen Ministries, based in Fort Washington, Maryland. The Allens pursue their purpose and passion of working in the kingdom so that “Souls Will Be Saved and Lives Will Be Changed,” according to their ministry motto. “Release To Receive” is Pastor Allen’s follow-up to his 2015 book “Not A Sermon, Just A Nugget.” (CLICK HERE TO BUY)